Assoc. Prof. Andrey Raichev, Phd

Phone: 032/ 261 396
Address: 21 Kostaki Peev Street, fl. 1, Plovdiv 4000, Bulgaria
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Field of the scientific qualification


Field of scientific qualification:

                Sociology, Philosophy



                Since 1986:  Senior Research Associate, Second Degree (Associate Professor)

                Since 1982:  – Candidate of Philosophical Sciences (PhD)

                Dissertation: The Category of "Social Situation" in the Research of Elementary Social Processes and Structures

                1978: Faculty of Philosophy at Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski"

                               Major: Philosophy, Profile: Sociology

Professional experience

Professional Experience:

Since 1991         Director of BBSS – Gallup International

1990 – 1991      Director (and founder) of National Center for Public Opinion Research (NTsIOM)

1988 – 1990      Director at National Institute for Youth Research (NIIM)

1983 – 1988      Deputy Head and Head of Public Opinion Section at NIIM

1979 – 1983      in that order: Organizer, Graduate Specialist, Research Associate, Degrees III-I at NIIM

1978 – 1979      journalist at Otechestven Front newspaper


                BBSS - Gallup International

                Institute for Critical and Social Research at Plovdiv University "Paisii Hilendarski"

                "Ivan Hadzhiyski" Institute of Sociology

                Bulgarian Sociology Association

Have a command of languages






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                Privileged Perspectives (A Book I Almost Called "Sociology of Lifeless Man"). Sofia: R&

                What Happened. An Account of Bulgaria's Transition 1984 – 2004. Co-authored by K. Stoychev. Sofia: Iztok-Zapad Publishing House, 2004  

                What Happened. An Account of Bulgaria's Transition and a Little Afterwards. Co-authored by K. Stoychev.  Sofia: Trud Publishing House, 2008  


                Porshnev, B. Of Origins of Human History [original Russian title: O nachale chelovecheskoy istorii] (from Russian). Sofia: Nauka i izkustvo Publishing House, 1983; Sofia: Iztok-Zapad Publishing House, 2002.

                Bagaturiya, G., Vygodski, V. Karl Marx's Economic Legacy: History, Contents, Methodology [original Russian title: Ikonomicheskoe nasledie Karla Marksa: Istoriya, soderzhanie, metodologiya] (from Russian). Sofia: Nauka i izkustvo Publishing House, 1985

                Mamardashvili, M.  Introduction to Philosophy [original Russian title: Vvedenie v filosofiyu] (from Russian) In: Mamardashvili, M. Selected Works. Classical and Non-Classical Rationality. Vol. 1. Sofia:  Iztok-Zapad Publishing House, 2004.





                "The ‘Research-Exposition' Opposition and Everyday Life as a Mediating Instance" In: Sotsiologicheski pregled [Sociological Review], special issue, 1984  

                "The Problem of Social Indicators Also Has a Non-Classical Formulation", co-authored by K. Stoychev, G. Dimitrov, et al. In: Sotsiologicheski problemi [Sociological Problems], 3/1984

                "'Machine' as a Socially Valid Mediator" In: Sotsiologicheski pregled [Sociological Review], 5/1988  

                "Artefactual Analysis" In: Mladezh I obshtestvo [Youth and Society], 3-4/1989  

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                "Genesis, Mutation and Degeneration of Second Networks" In: Sotsiologicheski problemi [Sociological Problems], 1-2/2003  

                "Hegel's Objective Logic, Marx and the Theory of Mediators" In: Kritika I humanizam [Critique and Humanism], 34, 4/2010  

                "Second Networks, Communist Project and Thereafter" In: Sotsiologicheski problemi [Sociological Problems], 3-4/2011  

                "The Three Times (About the Most Fundamental Illusion)" In: A collection of papers on the occasion of the 60th birthday of Deyan Deyanov, 2015 


Participation in Scientific Forums

"Hegel's Methods in Capital". International Conference "Reading Capital, Re-Writing Capital", 6-7 April 2008, Plovdiv.

"Hegel's Objective Logic, Marx and the Theory of Mediators". International Conference "Critical Theory and the Short 21st Century", 4-6 March 2010, Plovdiv.

"Second Networks, Communist Project and Thereafter". International Conference "Subjectivization and Ideological Interpellation", 29 May and 11 June 2011, Sofia.

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