Assoc. Prof. Antoaneta Doncheva, Phd

Phone: 032 / 261 491
Address: 21 Kostaki Peev Street, fl. 1, Plovdiv 4000, Bulgaria
Visiting hours:

Field of the scientific qualification


Field of the scientific qualification:

Literature, Semiotics, Theory of Arts, Philosophy



2000-2004- Student in PhD Program  of Semiotics, NBU-Sofia              


1994-1998- MA in  Department of  History of Art, New Bulgarian  University, Sofia,


1984-1989- Master of Arts in Literature and Languages. Department  of  Slavic         

                    languages and  literatures- Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski, Sofia,


1981-1983- Bachelors in  Library Science and Bibliography, Sofia State Institute of  



1976-1981- Graduated from German School- Haskovo, Bulgaria



2015             University of Plovdiv, Sociology of Culture


2006          PhD - The title of dissertation : The problem of Identity  works      of Luigi Pirandello. The  Naked  Masks, тема


Professional experience


2014 -       Assoc. Professor in Faculty  of History and Philosophy in  "Paisius of Hilendar" University – Plovdiv

2011 – 2014 Assistant Professor in Faculty  of History and Philosophy in  "Paisius of Hilendar" University – Plovdiv

2008  -  2011   Assistant professor in Department of Ethnology and Philosophy University  of  Plovdiv  "Paisius of Hilendar"  and part–time lecturer   in Sofia  University "St. Kliment Ochridsky"


2006-2008- Part–time lecturer   in Sofia  University "St. Kliment Ochridsky" and

                    University  of  Plovdiv " Paisius of Hilendar"


2004-2007 -Part –time lecturer   in New Bulgarian University, Sofia


1997-1999   Adviser in the Commission of Culture in Bulgarian Government -


1989-1994- Lecturer in The Institute of Foreign Students ,Sofia


Member of Semiotic soc iety  of America

 Member of the South East European Center for Semiotic Studies 

Member of Semiotic society of Bulgaria

Member of the Greek-Bulgarian Society" Friends of Nikos Kazantzakis "

Have a command of languages

                English, Bulgarian, Italian, German and Russian.




1. Self and Other and West European Culture – XX c , East-West Publishing House, Sofia 2014.

2. The  Masc – liberty and prison. The problem of Identity in the written works of Luigi Pirandello. The  Naked  Masks, , East-West Publishing House, Sofia 2007.





                Selected Articles:


Dontcheva, A. The Waiting as a Sign of Life, in: n the Proceedings of the11th World Congress of the International Association for Semiotic Studies: Global Semiotics:Bridging Different Civilizations, Nanjing, China, October 2012

Dontcheva, A. God is dead and it is horrible. Disgust of Jean-Paul Sartre in: Christianity and Culture, issue. 83/2013, p 67-77


Dontcheva, A. All That Fall: Ritual and Myth in Samuel Beckett's   Drama and Prose. Lexia. Lexia. Rivista di semiotica, 11–12 .Culto. p.57. 2012. (Journal of Semiotics, 11–12 .Worship ).isbn 978-88-548-5105-4



Dontcheva, A. Beckett and Carroll.Culture of Communication/ Communication of  Culture. Proceedings of the 10th World Congress of the International Association  for Semiotic Studies (IASS/AIS). A Coruña 2012, р. 385


Dontcheva, A. A Violent Denial of Personal Identity

Philosophia: E-Journal of Philosophy and Culture .

     http://philosophy- 1314 -5606



Dontcheva, A. The Shifting Sands. Giorgio De Chirico, Samuel Beckett,  

Harold Pinter .Philosophia: E-Journal of Philosophy and Culture . 1314 -5606


Dontcheva, A. The Language of self -denying   subject in Beckett`s works. Philosophia: E-Journal of Philosophy and Culture. 1314 -560 

Dontcheva, A. Pieces of broken mirrors (Franz Kafka, Giorgio de Chirico, Samuel Beckett, Harold Pinter) in: Christianity and Culture, issue. 2/2011 (winter), 51-71 


Dontcheva, A.The Illuminated Initial as the Sign of the World, in: Semiotics 2008, edd. J. Deely and L. Sbrocchi, Ottawa, 2009, рр. 78-86

Dontcheva, A. A trickle of Blood ( The History of Eye of George Bataille) in: Altera Academica 1 (2007), 79-93.

Doncheva A . The Sings closing the world. Illuminated initials in Medieval literature, in: Christianity and Culture, issue. 37/2009, p 103-112


Doncheva A. Dead Images you imagine. The language of  self-deprived  subject in Beckett  in: ETO 1 (2007), 116-125 .


 Doncheva A.The  Trilogy of Luigi Pirandello, Subversion of Mimesis, in: XI EFSS , NBU, 2005


 Doncheva A. The Mask-, in: Sledva 13 (2005), NBU, 66-73


 Doncheva A. The  Drama Heinrich IV of Luigi Pirandello, in: The different readings of the text. The      collection in honour of K. Topalov, Sofia, 2003, 474-482 (


  Doncheva A. The Meaning of Silence. Semiotics, Image and Narration, in: XII EFSS, NBU, 2006, 33-41.


Doncheva A.Søren Brier, Antoaneta Doncheva, Christian Fuchs, Towards a New Foundation of information, Cognitive and Communication  Science, in: Fuschl Conversations    1/05/2004, Wien.The science and the Art-interaction, in: Fuschl Conversations 11/05/2004, Wien.


Scientific projects:


1. Being and Freedom\/Well-being and Freedom (2014-2015): Cologne Sofia-Lecce-Ruck. Prof. G. Kapriev, Prof Andreas Speer, Fiorella Feruči-University Cologne and Università di Salerno

 2. Metaphysics and historical time\/Metaphysik und geschichtliche Zeit. For Prof. Dr. Gunther Mensching on the occasion of his 70th anniversary (2013-2014) – Sofia – Hannover-Prof. g. Kaprive Alia Mensching-Estakr – Sofia University "St. Kl. Ohridsky".

3. The Philosophical and theological discourses in the 13 and 14 in spiritu et littera De sive de philologia ancilla philosophiae – can help in the philology of philosophy (2009-2010) – Sofia-Cologne- Prof. G. Kapriev, Prof Andreas Speer – University of Cologne.

4. The project "Nature and Art" from 2008-Natur und Kunst – 2008-der Kultur der europäischen innerkulturelle Dialog im Spätmittelalter (internationales Humboldt Kolleg)-Sofia-Cologne

5. Project for the creation of e- scientific journal  www.

Graduates and PhD

Other Activities

     Participation in scientific forums:


12th World congress of IASS/IAS. "New Semiotics: between Tradition and Innovation". Sofia, 16-20 September 2014, New Bulgarian University.- with paper


2014, June-participation in the Conference "Theologie und Bildung im Mittelalter" (19-21 June, Göttingen 2014


Participation in the Conference "Sense and Nonsense" (12-17 may, Gyolečica) 2014,


Participation in "Mystik im Mittelalter-Vollendung der Vernunft Gegensatz oder" (25-27 February, Hanover) 2013,


Participation in "Metaphysics and historical time. About Prof. Gunther Menšing on the occasion of its 70th anniversary "(28 October 2013, Sofia)




7-17. 09-2013- ЕFSS- Sozopol- Food and Cultural Identity: between Market, Social Sciences and Humanities.


 6-8 Mai 2013, Köln: John Searle, Albertus-Magnus-Professur (Language and Social Ontology, Perception und Intentionality, Mind and Brain)


24.06.2013  June– Participant in International Conference -"Le sujet de l'acteur. AnAnthropological Outlook on Actor-Network Theory", IK Morphomata, Universität zu Köln (5-6 юни, Кьолн)


2013,- June– Participant in International Conference -Raumfahrt und Spiritualität  2013,Proust Matinée (Im Hause des Präsidenten der Marcel Proust Gesellschaft) Cologne


      2012 October-   2012  Participant in The 11th World Congress of

     Semiotics- Nanjing

  • 2011, September –  Participant in International Conference „The Efficacy of Rituals" в рамките на XVII. Early Fall School of Semiotics EFSS' 2011 (9-11 септември 2011, Созопол) (доклад).
  • 2011, 26-30 April – Participant in International Conference „Orthodox Theology and the Sciences"  Sofia- Gorna Oriachovi tza


    2011, 7-8 June – Participant in International Conference „Die Melancholie

    und ihre Schwestern. Ein Kulturvergleich" Cologne, Germany

2011, 24-25 June –  Participant in International Conference „Metaphysical Foundations of Knowledge and Ethics in Chinese and European Philosophy",Cologne, Germany


  • 2011, 29 June- I July -Participant in International Conference „Synergie. Konzepte – Techniken – Perspektiven", Berlin.
  • 2011, 13-15 June– Participant in International Conference „Morphome der       

    Zeit. Die Jahreszeiten im Wandel der Kulturen und Zeiten" , Cologne,  


  • 2010, September – Plenary paper -XVI. Early Fall School of Semiotics EFSS' 2010 "Imagining & Understanding" (4-12 септември, Созопол).
  • 2010, 14-17 September– Participant in 37. Kölner Mediaevistentagung


2010, (11-12  October – Participant in International Conference Theology

and Philosophy in Byzantium", Moscow

2010-11-12November- Participation in the two-day international seminar 
          in honor of the 90th anniversary of the birth of Thomas Sebeok,

-        2009, May-18-23, Participation in the National Humanitarian Conference       


-        2009, participation in the Summer School on Medieval Studies (July 20 to 29,  


  • 2009, September Participant  In Xth World Congress of Semiotics A Coruna, Spain –
  • 2008, 11-13 April  Participant in International Conference „Greeks, Latins, аnd Intellectual History 1204-1500. Debates, Influences, Impressions, Translations, Migrations", Nicosia , Cypre
  • 2008, September- Participant in EFSS Cociosemiotics Sozopol
  • 2008, 16-19  October Participant in  Specialisation, Semiosis, Semiotics: 33th Annual Meeting of the Semiotic Society of America , Huston, USA