Assoc. Prof. Elitza Dimitrova, Phd

Phone: 032/ 261 396
Address: 21 Kostaki Peev Street, fl. 1, Plovdiv 4000, Bulgaria
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Field of the scientific qualification


Field of the scientific qualification:

                Applied Sociology, Demography


      Habilitation (ако е приложимо)

                2012 Bulgarian academy of sciences, Topic: Fertility changes in Bulgaria after 1990


                2006 Bulgarian Academy of sciences, Topic: Second demographic transition in Bulgaria: preconditions, transformations, implications


                2003 SU St. Kliment Ohridski, MA in Sociology

Professional experience

Professional experience:

      Occupied lecturer's duties at this stage:

                Fevr. 2012 – present: Associate professor in PU Paisii Hilendarski


Have a command of languages



                Dimitrova, E. 2011. Fertility Changes in Bulgaria: Behavioral and Value Aspects. Sofia: Prof. Marin Drinov Publ. House. /in Bulgarian/


Selected scientific papers and reports in English:


Dimitrova, E. 2008. "Changing Norms and Values Regarding Marriage and Family in Post-socialist Bulgaria". In: Social Behaviour and Family Strategies in the Balkans (16th-17th Centuries). Conference Proceedings. Bucharest: NCE, pp. 388-418.

Dimitrova, E. 2008. "The Recent Marital Transition in Bulgaria between Historical Diversity and pan-European Integration". History of the Family, vol. 13, pp. 195-209.

Dimitrova, E. 2009. "Family and Reproduction in Post-Socialist Bulgaria. Towards a New Demographic Transition". In: Sabine Fischer, Heiko Pleines (eds). The EU and Central & Eastern Europe.  Successes and Failures of Europeanisation in Politics and Society, Changing Europe Book Series Vol. 6, Stuttgart, pp. 91-100.

Amialchuk, A. and Dimitrova, E. 2012. "Detecting the Evolution of Deliberate Fertility Control Before the Demographic Transition in Germany". Demographic Research, vol. 27, art. 19, pp. 507-542.

Dimitrova, E. 2012. "Stratifying the Reproduction: Social Inequalities and Second Birth in Bulgaria after 1990". International Journal of Sociology, vol. 42, pp. 34-52.

Kotzeva, T. and Dimitrova, E. 2012. "Nationalism and Declining Population in Bulgaria after 1990". Comparative Population Studies, in press.

Dimitrova, E., Panayotova, Y., Todorova, I. and Alexandrova-Karamanova, A.2013.  "Doctors' and Parents' Perspectives on Communication Regarding the HPV Vaccine in Bulgaria". In: H. Erkin et al. Health, Culture and Human Body. Epidemiology, Ethics and History of Medicine, Perspectives from Turkey and Central Europe. Conference Proceedings. Istanbul, 13-15.08.2012, in press.

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