Archive Studies and Documentaries.

Protection of Information.


The master's programme ‘Archive Studies and documentaries. Protection of information' has been accredited by NEAA with Protocol № 8 of 04.17.2013 (P-753 / 31.05.2013). The aim of the programme is it to prepare erudite experts with practical skills oriented in the field of ‘History and Archaeology'. It is designed for those who have already obtained either a bachelor's or a master's degree in humanities, informatics, computer technology and other related subjects.

The training for the programme is provided in three modules: History and Politics; Law and Institutions; Archive Studies and Documentaries. The curriculum includes 16 compulsory and 8 elective courses that will provide all students upon completion of the programme with the following knowledge and skills:

  • To use the acquired knowledge in the fields of archive studies, document studies and modern information systems in a complex and integrated manner;
  • To be aware of the legal regime set up for the protection of information and personal data of citizens and how to prevent the consequences of their illegal use;
  • To be able to work with unclassified and classified types of information, including the development of skills required for their storage and how to counter the illegal ways of their use.

The master's programme ends with a thesis in which students are required to show the acquirement of skills, related primarily to the new needs of the civil society in Bulgaria and our integration into the Euro-Atlantic structures.


Upon graduation students can:

  • Work as highly qualified experts for the storage and processing of information in state, municipal and private institutions;
  • Work as experts in the system of national, municipal and private museums;
  • Work in municipal structures in the fields of education, culture and humanitarian activities;
  • Succeed in their professional development in other various national and regional scientific and cultural institutions;
  • Work as experts on the problems related to cultural and historical heritage, its preservation and protection.

How to apply

Candidates should hold a bachelor's or a master's degree in journalism, history, economics, informatics, computer science, psychology, philosophy, sociology, international relations, political science, Balkan studies, law and other related specialties.