Bulgarian History in a Balkan and European Context


The master's programme provides students with the opportunity to:

First, help them acquire new knowledge, which is relevant and crucial for their future careers pathways.

Second, it builds up on their educational, scientific and career development in the field of history, and in particular with focus on the complex problems of Bulgarian, Balkan and European history.

Third, the preparation of historians with a new value system, who are capable through the means of cultural synthesis and tolerance to understand the past without hatred and the seeking of enemies, and by combining difference to be sympathetic to the "other".

Fourth, it involves the teaching of historical knowledge by means of the disclosure of the past in the spirit of a changing and globalizing world in the early twenty-first century.

Fifth, the training is carried out in two modules: "Bulgaria in the Balkans" and "Bulgaria in European history and politics." The subjects include 8 compulsory courses and four elective courses from both module and they are divided into two semesters.


The programme "Bulgarian history in a Balkan and European context" prepares erudite experts with applied focus in the field of "History and Archaeology". Upon graduation students can:

  • Work as highly qualified teachers in history and other related subjects in state, municipal and private schools;
  • Work as specialists, curators and tour guides in the system of national, municipal and private museums;
  • Work in municipal structures in the fields of education, culture and humanitarian activities;
  • Succeed as professionals in the field of history in various other national and regional scientific and cultural institutions;
  • Work as experts on cultural heritage;
  • Continue their studies to acquire NSA "Doctor" following the announcement the competitions in universities or research institutes in the field of professional training "History and Archaeology".

How to apply

Prospective candidates should hold an educational qualification BA in the professional direction of "History and Archaeology", or a bachelor's degree in 'Bulgarian language and History', ‘History and Geography', or a master's degree in ‘Balkan Studies'.