Assoc. Prof. Ina Dimitrova, PhD

Phone: 032 / 261 436
Address: 21 Kostaki Peev Street, fl. 4, Plovdiv 4000, Bulgaria
Visiting hours:

Field of the scientific qualification



 2013, Plovdiv University "Paisii HIlendarski", Prenatal diagnostics and biopolitics in Bulgaria


2007, Institute for the Study of Societies and Knowledge, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, The cognitive turn in social sciences and the problem of reflexivty



2002, Sofia University "St. Kl. Ohridski", Pure science of nature and empirical laws in the philosophy of Immanuel Kant

Professional experience

Occupied lecturer's duties at this stage:

                From 4/2013 until present – „associate professor" of „social philosophy and bioethics" at Department of Philosophy

                From 2010 to 2013 – "assistant professor" at Insitute for the study of societies and knowledge, BAS

                From 2007 to 2010 – "researcher" at Insitute for Philosophical Research, BAS

      Administrative-management experience:

                From 2008 – president of the Council of "Critique and Humanism 2008" Foundation


From 2007 – Bulgarian Ontological Society

From 2006 – Institute for Critical Social Studies

Have a command of languages

English – excellent

Russian - very good

German- good



                Dimitrova, I. 2012. Prenatal Diagnosis and Biopolitics in Bulgaria. Sofia: East-West Publ. ISBN 978-954-321-125-8.

Dimitrova, I. 2009. Reflexivity and Social Ontology. Sofia: Critique and Humanism Publ. ISBN 978-954-587-139-9


Scientific papers and reports:


  1. Dimitrova, I. 2015. Deserving parents: framing parenthood in Bulgaria through new reproductive technologies. In: Fábián, K. and E. Korolczuk (eds.) Rebellious Parents: Parental Movements in Russia and Central and Eastern Europe. Indiana University Press (forthcoming).
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Scientific projects:

2011/2013 – Member of the team of the international project (Zurich University, Belgrad University and Institute for Societies and Knowledge, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences) Democracy and Debate: The Shadows of Totalitarianism and Populism, coordinator for Bulgaria assoc. prof. Dobrinka Kostova.

2009/2010 – Individual project, funded by the Centre for Advanced Studies - Sofia: "Security and Identity: Contemporary Regimes of Interaction".

2009 - Member of the team of the bilateral project (Bulgaria and Russia) "Social and Philosophical Problems of Conflicts and Conflict Management", coordinator prof. Vassil Prodanov (Institute for Societies and Knowledge Studies) and prof. E. Stepanov (Moscow State University).

2008 - Member of the team of the bilateral project (Bulgaria and Slovenia) "Theory of the Logic of Practice as an Organon of the Social Sciences: Research Strategies in the Historical Sociology of Socialisms and Transitions", funded by Bulgarian Ministry of Science and Education, coordinators prof. DSc Koljo Koev (Institute of Sociology, BAS) and prof. DSc Rastko Mocnik (University of Ljubljana, Slovenija).

2008 – Member of the team of the project "Transformations of the Social Sciences in a Knowledge-Based Society", funded by Bulgarian Ministry of Science and Education, coordinator Assist. Prof. Ivelina Ivanova (Institute for Philosophical Research, BAS).

2008 - Member of the team of the project "Harmonization of the Bulgarian National Values with the European: Achievements and Problems", funded by Bulgarian Ministry of Science and Education, coordinator prof. DSc Vassil Prodanov (Institute for Philosophical Research, BAS).

2007-2008 - Member of the Bulgarian team of the 6FP project "Building a European Network of Mentoring Programmes for Women in Academy and Research", coordinator Helen Füger (University of Fribourg, Switzerland), coordinator for Bulgaria prof. Nikolina Sretenova (Institute for Philosophical Research, BAS).

2006 - Member of the team of "Bulgaria Facing the EU Accession", funded by Bulgarian Ministry of Science and Education, coordinator prof. Kiril Kertikov (Institute of Sociology, BAS).

Participation in scientific forums (selected):

  1. (Un)deserving Parents: Constructing Parenthood and Nation in Bulgaria through New Reproductive Technologies, International workshop "Parental Movements: The Politicization of Motherhood and Fatherhood in Central and Eastern Europe and the Post-Soviet Region", CBEES, Södertörn University, Sweden, 30 May, 2014.
  2. Procreating responsibly: framing parenthood through new reproductive technologies in Bulgaria, 13th Lošinj Days of Bioethics, Croatia, 18-21 May, 2014.
  3. From designer babies to designer parents: the problem of "the best parenthood possible", First national conference of bioethics and biolaw "Body and Dignity", October, 2013, Sofia.
  4. Governing Disability and Prenatal Diagnostics in Socialist Bulgaria, January 24-25, 2013, Groningen University.
  5. Care and Hope: Prenatal Diagnostics in Socialist Bulgaria, CAS-Sofia, January, 2013.
  6. Eugenic Concerns and Reproductive Freedom: Towards a Biopolitical Contradiction in Bulgaria, Red House, March 19, 2012.
  7. Emerging Biopolitics: Techniques of the Self and Reproductive Genetics in Bulgaria - XXV. World Congress of Philosophy of Law and Social Philosophy, Frankfurt, August 15-20, 2011.
  8. Welfare of the National Body and Poverty Governance in Bulgaria (ca. 1930 - 1944) – CAS, Sofia, February, 2011.
  9. The Art of Governing Poverty in Bulgaria on the Threshold between Two Regimes of Modernization – presented at "Regimes of Historicity and Discourses of Modernity and Indentity, 1900-1945, in Central, Southeastern and Northern Europe" Conference, CAS, Sofia, October 30-31, 2009.
  10. The Chronotope of Transition: a Zone of Indistinction? – presented at the conference "The End of Transition?", January, 2009, Aarhus University, Denmark
  11. Social Sciences Landscape in Bulgaria and the Perspectives of Early-Career Researchers – presented at the conference "MUT Anniversary", November, 2008, Stuttgart University, Germany
  12. Analysis of a Questionnaire from the Second Regional Conference in the Framework of the FP6 Project EUMENT-NET" – presented at a workshop in the framework of the project, July, 2008, Brussels.
  13. Open-Source Principles in the Social Sciences?" – presented at the 25th International Philosophical Varna School "Philosophy of Security in an Insecure World", June, 2008, Varna, Bulgaria
  14. The Critique after Latour? – presented at the conference "To Read Marx's Capital, to rewrite Marx's Capital (140 years later)", April, 2008, Plovdiv University, Bulgaria
  15. "Dispersed" Entities and Black Boxes: Towards the Ontology of Social Facts – presented at the 8th International Congress of Philosophy, June, 2007, Graz University, Austria
  16. "Early-stage Researchers in Bulgaria: Problems and Perspectives" – presented at a workshop in the framework of the project 6FP EUMEN-NET, May, 2007, Vienna University, Austria.
  17. The Production of Data: the Legacy of Ethnomethodology – presented at the conference "15 Years Institute for Critical Social Studies", January, 2007, Plovdiv University, Bulgaria
  18. Constellations and Symbolic Power: Towards an Antinomy – presented at the international conference "Pierre Bourdieu and the Critique of the Theoretical Reason", November, 2006, French Institute, Sofia, Bulgaria
  19. On the Future of Capitalism – discussion in the Red House, Sofia. Participants: Andrey Raichev, Deyan Deyanov, Todor Hristov. November, 2006, Sofia, Bulgaria
  20. Bruno Latour and Merab Mamardashvilli: Sites of Encounters - presented at the 24th International Philosophical Varna School, June, 2006, Varna, Bulgaria
  21. STS and the Future of Social Theory – presented at a conference "The Future of Philosophy", May, 2006, Institute for Philosophical Research, Bulgaria
  22. Reflexivity – Epistemic Virtue or Constitutive Circularity of Accounts and Reality? – presented at the conference "Reflexivity, Critique and Enlightenment of Enlightenment", September, 2005, French Institute, Sofia, Bulgaria

Graduates and PhD

Boryana Kiryakova, Plovdiv University "Paisii Hilenfarski", bachelor degree

Diana Kantarska, Plovdiv University "Paisii Hilenfarski", bachelor degree

Andzhela Musavi, Plovdiv University "Paisii Hilenfarski", bachelor degree

Margarita Gabrovska, Sofia University "St. Kl. Ohridski", Master programme "Integrative Bioethics"

Other Activities

Participation in scientific councils and scientific expert commissions:

From 2008 until present – Balkan Journal of Philosophy, member of the editorial board

From 2008 to 2012 - Philosophical Alternatives, member of the editorial board

Memberships in professional scientific associations, federations, commissions, societies and others:

From 2007 – Bulgarian Ontological Society

From 2006 – Institute for Critical Social Studies

Prizes, scholarship, specializations, guest professorships, scientific exchange:

2006 – Institute of Philosophy, Slovak Academy of Sciences, Bratislava

2005 - Eötvös Loránd University in Budapest, Hungary, Faculty of History and Philosophy of Science. (Hungarian Scholarship Board; Hungarian Ministry of Education

2004 - State University in Ljubljana, Slovenia, Faculty of Philosophy, (CEEPUS)

2004 – CEU, Budapest, Hungary

2006 - Award for Youngest Researcher of Bulgarian Academy of Sciences in the Field of Social Sciences



(selected books, translated in Bulgarian)

  1. Dennett, D. 2014. Darwin's Dangerous Idea. Sofia: East-West Publishers (with Rosen Lutskanov).
  2. Allen, A. 2012. Politics of Ourselves. Sofia: East-West Publishers.
  3. Jonsen, A. 2011. The Birth of Bioethics. Sofia: Critique and Humanism Publ. House.
  4. Krugman, P. 2009. The Return of Depression Economics and the Crisis of 2008. Sofia: East-West Publishers.
  5. Latour, Br. 2007. Reassembling the Social. An Introduction to Actor-Network Theory. Sofia: East-West Publishers.
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