Management of Innovation and Research


The Department of Applied and Institutional Sociology at the Faculty of Philosophy and History at Plovdiv University offers the master's programme ‘Management of Innovation and Research,' which gives the qualification of ‘Manager of Innovation and Research' and the opportunity to work in various areas of the economy and the public sphere. It is developed with the support of the programme for ‘Strategic Partnership in the field of Higher education', the ‘Open Society' – Sofia, together with the Institute of Economics of the University ‘St. St. Cyril and Methodius' in Skopje, Republic of Macedonia and the Institute of Sociology (today ISSK BAS).

According to the cooperation agreement between the Faculty of Philosophy and History and ISSK BAS, if enough candidates are enrolled in the MA course, training can be held and based in the Institute of Sociology in Sofia.

The MA programme provides an insight into the economic, social and legal aspects of the research process entailed in the modern natural sciences and engineering as the basis of the modern economy. It has been developed in accordance with the latest achievements of the social studies of science and technology (STS) as an established academic discipline taught in dozens of Western universities. It focuses on the organic relationship between entrepreneurial activity and innovation that occurs in specific to each institutional environment forms.

In the context of Bulgaria's membership in the European Union, the knowledge of requirements and regulations on research and innovation is particularly important. The programme provides students with skills to analyse the innovation process as a unity of scientific and engineering practices and procedures, economic and legal norms, organizational rules. The programme provides knowledge and basic tools for the management of innovative enterprises (entrepreneurial and corporate management, project management).

The programme includes courses taught by teachers from abroad and guest-speakers in the areas of innovation, entrepreneurship and social studies of science and technology. It includes a special module in which practitioners in innovation and entrepreneurs teach their experience.

The programme allows interested students to participate in research projects during their training. Trainee students use specialized funds and scientific databases at the Department of Applied and Institutional Sociology at Plovdiv University, the Institute of Economics at the University of Skopje, the Institute for the Study of Societies and Knowledge in the Sciences at the BAS, as well as the newly built Technology Centre with an Office of Technology Transfer based at Plovdiv University.

The master's programme ‘Management of Innovation and Research' is prepared according to the requirements of the European credit transfer system (ECTS), allowing transfer of credits from other disciplines and universities. The teaching process is carried out in a flexible manner, catering for the needs of working students as well. The programme benefits widely from seminars, internships and other interactive forms of training, in accordance to the international standards set for the provision of training in this area.


The MA programme trains future experts with the following competences:

Experts and managers in offices of technology transfer, innovation incubators, technological centres, industrial parks, etc.;

• Management of innovation and applied research in small businesses, corporations, and publicly funded organizations - universities, research centres, etc.;

• Preparation and management of projects in the fields of research, innovation and increase of competitiveness;

• Evaluation of research projects in the bodies of state and local government;

• Consultation and assessment of innovative projects in the financial and credit institutions;

• Evaluation and monitoring of projects financed by European and national funds in this area;

• Professionals working in the development departments of companies, development and innovation, marketing innovation, etc.;

• Researchers in the field of social studies of science and technology;

• Provides an opportunity for training and continuing education towards PhD degrees.

How to apply

The programme is applicable to students holding a BA degree or an MA degree from a wide range of disciplines – sociology, economics and other social sciences and the humanities; natural sciences; engineering.

The programme is managed by Assoc. Prof. Ivan Chalakov, Tel.: 0899 41 75 30,;

Coordinator: chief assistant professor Donka Keskinova, Tel.: 0889 980 881, 032 261 491,

Specialized website of the programme: