Assist. Prof. Margaritka Zagarova, PhD

Phone: 032/261317
Address: 24 Tsar Assen Str, fl. 2, 203, Plovdiv 4000
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Field of the scientific qualification


High School Certificate № 4690 issued in 1976 « Vasil Kolarov»


Diploma № 1152 from 1979 Medical Institute « Doctor Mara Maleeva» Plovdiv

specialty « Pediatrics»

Diploma  № 028551 from 2005 University of Veliko Tarnovo "Sv. Sv Kiril I Metodii"

Specialty  « Theology»

Diploma № 033676 from 2006 University of Veliko Tarnovo « Sv. Sv Kiril I Metodii»

Educational qualification degree Master and vocational qualification "Theologian", specialty Historical and practical Theology.

Diploma №34885  from 24.01.2011 educational and scientific degree Ph Degree, at a scientific specialty  05. 01. 17  «Theology»

Thesis :  "Improper practices and misconceptions in the use of antimensium"


Professional experience


Have a command of languages



Lecturer in «Old Testament», «Christian ethics»,and "Pedagogy" in Orthodox Seminary, in Plovdiv University «PAISIY HILENDARSKI» disciplines Introduction to the Holy Scriptures of the Old Testament,Interpretation of the Scriptures of the Old Testament, Biblical archeology. Biblical Hebrew and Ageology

Graduates and PhD

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