Society and Law


The MA programme is called ‘Society and Law' because it places emphasis on the citizens' rights to a free and reasonable social life. It is called ‘Society and Law', because it defends the necessity to put under sociological scrutiny the (un-)successfulness of the rule of law in our country. It is called ‘Society and Law', because modern society is possible only if based on rational, socially acceptable and recognized rights and responsibilities.


The Department of Applied and Institutional Sociology offers a master's programme in ‘Society and Law', which upon completion provides the qualifying ‘sociologist' with the opportunity to work in various areas of the economy and the public sphere. The programme is developed in collaboration between lecturers from the Faculty of Law and the Department of Applied and Institutional Sociology at the Faculty of Philosophy and History at Plovdiv University ‘Paisii Hilendarski'. The programme may apply to students with bachelor degrees obtained from a wide range of disciplines within the fields of social sciences and the humanities.


The interdisciplinary programme ‘Society and Law' currently on offer is made up of an application-oriented set of courses in the areas of law and sociology. It is developed in accordance with the latest trends in social sciences to bridge the gap between social sciences and break the boundaries between the legal and the ‘understanding' social sciences. It provides an insight into the structure and institutional fabric of modern society from the view-point of their social and legal aspects and from the view-point with regards to the position of the individual in his coordinate system.


By design, this Master's programme aims to be in some sense ‘the other' to public administration. It involves building a certain ‘civilization' profile of citizens, who are able to navigate themselves in the expert environment of the modern institutional structure of society. It is not public administration in so far as the reflexive perspective to it takes a back seat, so to speak, and applies a deeper and critical look at the social issues aiming to develop programmes for their resolution. For the same reason it is not a ‘legal' master's programme, in so far as it looks for the social conditions in order to realize the possibility of legal peace. It is not a sociological one as well, since it takes into consideration the legal and institutional fabric of society and views them as self-sufficient (with regards to their performative power and authority).


The master's programme ‘Society and Law' follows the global trends in their attempts to ‘humanize' the institutions on the one hand, but also ‘arms' the citizens with the tools required in order to exhibit a competent behaviour in a public environment, on the other. Its interdisciplinary character meets the orientation of global labour markets towards professionals with skills for flexibility, for dealing with unusual situations and for developing innovative solutions.


Spheres of professional development:

  • In the public sphere – as experts in the institutions of local and central government (ministries, government agencies, inspectorates, municipal administrations, etc.), political parties and trade unions; in penitentiary institutions and places of detention:
    • In the civil sector and NGOs or other public institutions;
    • As experts on public policies and civil initiatives; as mediators in civil disputes and conflicts; analysts and consultants  on matters of social justifications and assessments;
    • In the media – as experts and analysts in socio-legal matters;
    • Scientific and educational institutions – as researchers in the institutional environment.


Manager of the programme is Assoc. Prof. Ivo Hristov. Address: 21 Kostaki Peev Str., Postcode 4000 Plovdiv. Tel. 032/26 14 91

Coordinators: chief assistant professor Donka Keskinova, Tel.: 032261-491,; chief assistant professor Tihomir Mitev, PhD, Tel.: 032261-491,