Student Club for History and Archaeology ‘Prof. Velizar Velkov' at Plovdiv University ‘Paisii Hilendarski'


      Student of History and Archaeology Club Prof. Velizar Velkov to PU "University of Plovdiv" was created in 1996 Its members are mainly students majoring in "Bulgarian Language and History" and others. The statute of the club allows participation of students from other disciplines who have an interest in history. Meetings of "Prof. Velizar Velkov" held in The building of the Rector of PU " University of Plovdiv". The subject of review and activities of students, members of the club are ancient and medieval history, archeology, epigraphy, numismatics and others.

     Not neglected the problems of the new art history. At meetings of SHAC "Prof. Velizar Velkov" the results of historical and archaeological research of students and their expedition; to invite guest lecturers, scientists and teachers; present new books on historical topics. A meeting of SHAC is scope for scientific expression and exchange of ideas between students with a keen interest in historical sciences. In extracurricular time to organize visits to historical sites and museums. Students actively participate in scientific expeditions organized by lecturers from "History". Members of SHAC "Prof. Velizar Velkov" participated in archaeological excavations of sites Anevsko kale and Hisarlaka near the town Sopot, fortress in Borovitza, Iskra and Dragoinovo Parvomajska municipality, Novakovo Asenovgrad municipality and many others include field studies in the Eastern Rhodopes. Student of History and Archaeology Club organizes annual national student conference involving students from various Bulgarian universities and abroad.

     SHAC "Prof. Velizar Velkov" is an associate member of ISHA (International Students History Association) based in Brussels, maintains contacts with other foreign organizations. In 2001, club members took part in the two-week expedition in Transylvania (Romania), where archeological excavations were conducted in the medieval town of Sighisoara together with Romanian, German, Polish and Moldavian students. Visited were impressive fortresses, castles and religious monuments. In 2005, students from the club took part in an archaeological expedition in Russia, Bryansk region, under the leadership of Prof. Djambov.

      Supervisor of the club from 2011 Assist. Prof. Stanislav Boyanov. The activity of SHAC is actively supported by the Department of "History and Archaeology" at PU "University of Plovdiv".

       Student of History and Archaeology Club "Prof. Velizar Velkov" is a youth student organization that wishes to maintain contact and work with other organizations, student clubs and workshops.