Assist. Prof. Eva Kovacheva, PhD

Phone: 032/261317
Address: 24 Tsar Assen Str, fl. 2, 203, Plovdiv 4000
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Field of the scientific qualification


                            Doctor of Theology

2003-2011           PhD in Theology, Phillips University, Marburg, Germany  

                            Research Field: History of Religions

                            Dissertation: "The White Brotherhood of Peter Deunov - origin, history

                            and teaching".



1998-2003           Sofia University "St. Kl. Ohridski " Theology

1999-2002           Sofia University "St. Kl. Ohridski " International diplomatic relations

Professional experience


Have a command of languages

German, English, Russian




1 Corinthians 12:31-13:13 as an integral part of the whole epistle and answer of the conflicts in the Corinthian church, - In: Theological Studies, Plovdiv 2015 (in print).

Gospel of the Savior - Berlin manuscript. - In: History of enlightenment - new research and museum collections. Innovative forms of presentation, Proceedings of the International Scientific Conference under the auspices of the Ministry of Education and Science and with the participation of the "Museums, galleries and fine arts" at the Ministry of Culture, Gabrovo 2014.

Kύριος and its equivalents as a God's designation in the Hellenistic-Roman background of the Christianity - In: The role of onomastics in the study of the history and current state of Bulgarian and other Slavic and Balkan languages. "Proceedings of the Scientific Conference, Veliko Tarnovo 2014.

Basic Christological names and titles. - In the Lord Jesus Christ and the Church (Theological Studies), Ed. "IMS", Plovdiv 2014, pp. 38-54.

Difference as equality or hierarchy - advanced discussion in biblical exegesis on the Epistle to the Galatians 3:28. - In: Theological Studies of the Department of Theology, T. 1, Univ. Press, Plovdiv 2012, pp. 50-60.

The "History" of St. Paisius of Hilendar from spiritual and educational aspects. - In: In the spirit and power of St. Paisius of Hilendar. 250 years "Slavonic-Bulgarian History",  Univ. Press, Plovdiv 2012, pp. 100-108.

Places of spiritual practice of the White Brotherhood - toponymy, eklezionimiya and lingvonimiya. - In: Balkan, T. / Lakova, M. / Tsankov, K. red.- Association (BAS) Scientific contributions in memory of Professor Konstantin Popov. Materials from the conference "100 years of the birth of prof. Konstantin Popov," Sofia 29-30. November 2007, Veliko Tarnovo "Sign - 94", 2007, pp. 335-340.

Ceremonial and Protocol of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church, "St.Kl. Ohridski ", Sofia 2002.



The White Brotherhood of Peter Deunov. Origin, history and teaching, Diss., scientific publisher "Tectum", Marburg 2011, 338 pp., ISBN 978-3-8288-2638-0

Wheel of life in the Bulgarian church painting, Ed. "Baric" Pz., 2012, 93 pp., ISBN 978-954-8215-49-7




Graduates and PhD

Other Activities

Introduction to the New Testament

Introduction to the New Testament provides students with knowledge about the origin, the number, order and division of the New Testament books; the history of the New Testament canon; the history of the New Testament Greek text and translations of the New Testament. The special part deals with all New Testament books separately in respect of author, readers, time and place of writing, linguistic and stylistic features, integrity, reason, purpose, structure and content.


Interpretation of the New Testament, part 1

Interpretation of the Scriptures of the New Testament is a key discipline in the New Testament Biblical Studies. New Testament Hermeneutics introduces students to the basic principles and approaches to the interpretation of the New Testament text, provides knowledge about the types of sense, the methods that lead to the discovery of meaning in the text of the New Testament books, the forms of exhibited and revealed sense, and considers issues of history of hermeneutics. It provides them with knowledge about the history, age, geography of the countries mentioned in the New Testament books and considers issues of New Testament chronology.


Interpretation of the New Testament, part 2

New Testament exegetics is a science of interpretation of Biblical text in order to be revealed and clarified the point that an author has put into the book written by him. Students are introduced to the sample interpretations of selected areas of the New Testament in the original Greek text and its translation in Bulgarian. In the center of the discipline standing interpretation of the New Testament books. The aim is for students to know the basic text of the New Testament, which is the basis for all theological developments in other disciplines of the subject.