Philosophical Discussions Club

Since mid-November 2006 there is also a Philosophical Discussions Club in the Faculty of Philosophy and History. The club was founded by students of philosophy from all programmes in the bachelor's degree of the faculty and the members of the programme's alumni. However, the doors are open to all who feel connected with philosophy – professionally or not. These enthusiasts are motivated by their desire for personal development and satisfaction of extracurricular interests in philosophy.


The plans of its members include the organization and participation in philosophical readings and conferences, organizing lectures and discussions with guest-lecturers, networking with similar clubs and organizations in other universities. One of the priorities of the club is also the exchange of experience and ideas among students from different courses of study and different universities, and especially the possibility of personal expression and presentation of student philosophical works to the participants in the club, public forums or publication in specialized journals. Meetings are held by appointment at a convenient time and day for students in the building of Plovdiv University on Kostaki Peev Str.