Department of Ethnology


In the autumn of 1990, Professor Todor Iv. Zhivkov announced his course of lectures in Ethnology at Plovdiv University ‘Paisii Hilendarski'. The first students of ethnology enrolled in 1992, when the degrees ‘Bulgarian Philology and Ethnology' and ‘English Philology and Ethnology' were set up. In 1994 the degree in ‘Sociology' was established. These developments led to the establishment of the Department of Ethnology and Sociology in 1995. At first the Department was located within the Faculty of Philology, and after the establishment of the Faculty of Philosophy and History in 2004, it became one of its main units. In 2005 it was transformed into the Department of Ethnology and Philosophy, and since 2008 into an independent Department of Ethnology.

The Department of Ethnology is primarily responsible for the BA degrees in Ethnology and Social Anthropology. It also organizes the MA programmes in: ‘Ethnology: Communities, Identities, Culture'; ‘Cultural Tourism and Cultural Projects'; ‘Management of Cultural Heritage'; ‘Social Mediation and Communication'. During the years of its existence, the Department has established itself as a major centre for training professionals and developing researchers. Within the degree of Ethnology, nine theses have been defended before academic committees for the acquisition of a PhD degree in Ethnology. Currently, the Department provides PhD level education in Ethnology, Social Anthropology and Cultural Sciences.

The scholarly development of our teaching staff is a result of continuous involvement in research and educational projects, publications in reputable domestic and foreign scientific journals, as well as the maintenance of regular and fruitful international exchanges.

The academic staff of the Department includes a total of 9 people – four doctors (PhD), four habilitated doctors (DSc or Dr. habil.), one assistant professor. Administrative work is carried out by an administrative assistant.