Diplomacy and International Relations


The programme on offer is interdisciplinary and provides students with the opportunity to:

First, help them acquire new knowledge, which is relevant and crucial for their future careers pathways

Second, it builds up on their educational, scientific and career development in the fields of history, political science, law and international relations.

Third, it provides for the training of specialists who would be able to use in a complex and integrated manner the acquired knowledge in the fields of diplomatic history and contemporary international relations with special emphasis on South East Europe.

Fourth, it helps students in developing their awareness about the legal regime for the protection of national sovereignty.


Upon graduation students can:

Work as highly qualified professionals in the area of historical, as well as the current state of diplomacy and international relations, with applied orientation in the field of diplomacy and international relations in Southeast Europe.

Work as specialists in the system of state, municipal and non-governmental organizations;

Work in municipal structures in the fields of education, culture, humanitarian activities;

Succeed as professionals in various other national and regional scientific and cultural institutions;

Work as professionals in the mass media and the provision of information about historical and contemporary issues of international relations.

How to apply

The programme is designed for holders of bachelors' and masters' degrees in the fields of social sciences and humanities. It is advisable for applicants to be competent in speaking a foreign language.