Sociological Club at Plovdiv University ‘Paisii Hilendarski'


The Sociological Club is a voluntary association of students from the programmes in ‘Sociology', ‘Sociology and Human Sciences' and ‘Sociology of Law, Economics and Innovation' at the Department of Applied and Institutional Sociology and the Department of Sociology and Human Sciences.

The main goals of its activities are:

  • To create a student institution in order to coordinate the joint actions of students from different courses in sociology from Plovdiv University.
  • To raise students' theoretical and practical knowledge and skills in the field of sociology and social sciences.
  • To organize different types of initiatives such as discussions, lectures, seminars, conferences.
  • To establish and maintain contacts with organizations of a similar nature in Bulgaria and abroad in order to exchange experience and practices.

Meetings are held in the building of the Faculty of Philosophy and History on Kostaki Peev Str.

To contact us please join our group on Facebook: