Sociology and Human Sciences

The PhD programme in ‘Sociology' at the Faculty of Philosophy and History at Plovdiv University aims to prepare highly qualified social scientists – experts, researchers and teachers. In accordance with the emerging profile of sociology education at the University of Plovdiv, PhD graduates will have knowledge and skills in the fields of critical social research (including research on traditional and new forms of social inequality, of  biopower and biopolitics); sociology of innovation, science and technology; economic and legal sociology; the ethnic and social class structure of society and social policy (including the problems of small communities, youth, deprived social groups); historical sociology of socialism and post-socialism; sociology of everyday life; sociology of memory and identity; history of sociological theories. The qualifications and the international experience of the habilitated lecturers in sociology guarantees that the training in these areas will be at European and global level and our doctoral students will be competitive in the country, the region and the European Union.

The mission of the doctoral programme in sociology - as an integral part of the training in sociology at the University of Plovdiv - is based on an accurate diagnosis of the social processes in contemporary Bulgarian society, the region and the European Union to ensure early preparation, combining fundamental theoretical knowledge, mastery of a wide range of methods of research and an adequate specialization in the chosen field of doctoral studies.