Guidelines for paper submission (plus dates and deadlines)



Paper Format


Abstracts:  between 300-500 words (plus key words/phrases)



  1. Objectives and originality: What is the purpose of the paper? What are the reason(s) for writing the paper or the aims of the research? What is the original contribution of the paper?


  1. Design/methodology/approach: How are objectives reached? Be sure to discuss the main method(s). Include the sample characteristics, if appropriate. What is the approach to the topic? 


Body of Paper.


  1. Key Findings: What did you find out during the process of preparing your research article for this seminar? This will include explanation of data and results.


  1. Summary: What are the research implications/limitations?


  1. Conclusion: Suggestions for future research? What are the theoretical implications? What are the practical implications? 


Paper should be between 6-9 thousand words (times new roman font)


Use end notes (author and date – which is followed by a comma, and page(s)) in the body of the paper


Reference section (includes only sources cited in text) each reference should be recorded as author (last name comma first name), date of publication, title of work (in italics if a book), (if necessary include the editors and/or translators in separate parenthesis), place of publication (followed by full colon), and publisher.


If the reference is to a journal article follow the same format as above except do not put the title of the article in italics.  Plus instead of place of publication you will write the name of the journal (in italics), volume and issue numbers, and pages.


Important Dates:

Abstract                      January 5th 2020

First Draft                   March 15th 2020

Final Draft                  May 5th 2020