History of the Department


The foundations of the studies in history at the University of Plovdiv were laid out in 1993 by setting up the major in ‘Bulgarian Language and History' and the establishment of the Department of History in 1995.

In order to ensure the quality of training and the development of the research potential in the direction of ‘history and archaeology', in 2008 two new departments were formed – ‘General History and Archaeology' (led by Assoc. Prof. Ivan Djambov) and ‘History of Bulgaria' (headed by Assoc. Prof. Vesselina Petrova-Tchompalova).

Since May 2012 the two departments ‘General History and Archaeology' and ‘History of Bulgaria' have been united in a common ‘Department of History and Archaeology' whose faculty consists of eighteen full-time lecturers, eleven of which are habilitated. The Department is led by Assoc. Prof. Ivan Djambov.