Department of Applied and Institutional Sociology

History of the Department

The Department of Applied and Institutional Sociology was formed as an independent unit within the Faculty of Philosophy and History in May 2009, as a result of the separation of the Department of Sociology into two independent scientific fields.


The Head of the Department of Applied and Institutional Sociology is Prof. Ivan Chalakov. The lecturers within the department teach core subjects from the compulsory block of the major in ‘Sociology' at the BA level (Historical sociology of modern institutions, Statistical methods in sociology, Sociology of knowledge , Qualitative research, Philosophy of technology, Sociology of politics, Marketing research, Sociology of law, etc.), as well as elective courses, such as: ‘Internet as an Information Medium, Method and Object of Study', ‘Investigations of Organized Crime',  ‘Social Policy' and others. The graduate programmes of the Department are ‘Applied Sociology' and ‘Management of Innovation and Research', with guest-lecturers from the University of Skopje – Macedonia.


Our department has set up and implemented joint projects with other research institutes from the Russian Federation, such as the Samara State University, on the base expert project ‘Risks of Modernization in the Conditions of Globalization: Two Cases - Bulgaria and Russia.' An ongoing project which is yet to be completed is related to the following area: ‘The Crisis of the Bulgarian European Integration and Public Policies for Its Overcoming (an interdisciplinary synthesis)', a side project conducted together with Sofia University ‘St. Kliment Ohridski'.


Priority areas of research for the Department include: Sociology of law and legal regulation, legal and political institutions; Sociology of entrepreneurship, micro- and macroeconomic practice and innovation; Comparative studies of social policy of the government, businesses and civic organizations. The Department also manages the Centre for Science, Technology and Innovation.

The academic staff includes: Prof. Ivan Chalakov, PhD; Prof. Ivo Hristov, PhD; Assoc. Prof. Miroslava Radeva, PhD; Assoc. Prof. Sijka Kovatcheva, PhD; Assoc. Prof. Tihomir Mitev, PhD; Assist. Prof. Svetoslav Slavov, PhD, and Assist. Prof. Donka Keskinova, PhD, Assoc. Prof. Antoaneta Doncheva, PhD; Plamen Nanov, PhD.