Commission for the management and quality control of the educational process


The Commission is created in order to assist the management at the Deans' level of the FPH in controlling the quality of the educational product. The main objective of the Commission is to increase the quality of the educational process and its results. The Commission monitors and evaluates the situation, identifies problems and achievements in the learning process via the indicators on criteria system for programme accreditation of professional fields and majors from the regulated professions, as outlined by the NEAA. The basic methods for the accomplishment of this task include checking the academic records of each department and major on all three levels of education (BA, MA, PhD), drafting of recommendations for its completion and improvement, as well as discussing issues raised or proposals made by individual departments, lecturers and students in order to improve the learning experience. Also, the Commission organizes and conducts regular surveys of student opinion concerning the educational process of the faculty as a whole (at the end of the academic year) and for every individual lecture course (at the end of each semester). The Commission also conducts analyses of labour market conditions, of the expectations of employers and the experience of graduates.

The current Commission was formed on the 25th March 2013, with elected members from each department of the Faculty, chaired by the Vice-Dean of Student Affairs. It has a term of four years.