Assoc. Prof. Valentin Petrusenko, PhD

Phone: 032/261-289; 032/261-434
Address: 24 Tsar Assen Street, fl. 2, 254-b, Plovdiv 4000, Bulgaria
Visiting hours: Tuesday 11,00-13,00

Field of the scientific qualification

Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Philosophy and History


EDUCATION: 1992 - Ph.D. in History, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, 1987-1992: M.A. in History, B.A. in Philosophy and B.A. in English Linguistics, Sofia University, both - 1980-1986; Russian College at Sofia, 1968-1978.

Professional experience

Associated Professor and Jean Monnet Lecturer, Ph.D., Department of History, Plovdiv University "Paisii Hilendarski"; Vice-Dean for International Cooperation and Research at the Faculty of Philosophy and History; Member of the Academic Council and Faculty Council; Member of the University Academic Research Board. Faculty Coordinator for ERASMUS + and CEEPUS programme. Academic Supervisor of the European Documentation Centre, Plovdiv University. 24, "Tzar Assen" Str., Plovdiv 4000; phone:(++359-32) 262-267; PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: * Independent expert-evaluator for EACEA, and Horizon 2020 at the European Commission; * Independent expert-evaluator to the National Socrates Agency; * NCP for Bulgaria in the implementation of the Sixth Frame Programme of the European Commission; * Holder of Jean Monnet Modules Lectureship - Course on European Integration Process (EACEA - European Commission, 2001-2006, 2007-2001); * Director of Plovdiv University Summer Schools, (1999/2000) ["Decentralization: Changing Realities and the Challenges of a United Europe"], (OSI/HESP+LGI/OSF network); * Co-Director of the British Council Institutional Project ["Local Government and the European Enlargement"] (1999-2001); * Co-ordinator of Plovdiv University European Studies M.A.(in cooperation with RWTH - Aachen, Germany); * Visiting Professor and Research Fellow at the Institute of Social Studies (University of Guadalajara), Mexico, 1990-1991; CUIS (University of Colima), Mexico, 2006-2007; Central European University – Budapest (2007-2008), University of Iceland – Reykjavik, 2014. * Lecturer at Sofia University, Faculty of History, Dept for Modern and Contemporary History, 1992-1995; * Teacher at the Russian College, Sofia, 1984-1986.


Member of Bulgarian Society for British Studies; Member of BECSA (Bulgarian European Community Studies Association - associated to ECSA); * Salzburg Seminar Fellow (Seminar # 315, 1994).

Have a command of languages

Russian and Bulgarian - native, fluent in English and Spanish, reading Portuguese and Italian, scarcely German and French.


MAJOR PUBLICATIONS: "The New Political Elite In The Mexican State Apparatus At The End Of The 40's"; "The Ruling Elite: A Case Study Of Bulgaria And Mexico During The Democratic Transition"; "The Difficulties Of The Democratic Transition In Eastern Europe"; "The Mechanics Of The State During The Democratic Transition"; "The Centre and Periphery of the European Culture"; "The Idea of European Unity of Federico Chabod" (published in Russian, Bulgarian, Spanish and English); Numerous articles on the problems of international politics and different political systems also published in journals and presented on radio stations in Bulgaria, Russia, Mexico and Hungary. COURSES TAUGHT: Ancient History, Medieval History, Modern and Contemporary World and Eastern European History, Political Economy of Eastern Europe, Modern Politics in Transition, Sofia University; Plovdiv University; New Bulgarian University – public and private entities). * New courses: British Civilisation, Polish Civilisation, French Civilisation at Plovdiv University. M.A. courses: 1) European History (Plovdiv-Aachen/RWTH joint European Studies Programme); 2) Balkan Projections to the Modern European History, M.A. in History, Plovdiv University. 3) Ethnic Issues of the Colonization of Caucasus and Central Asia, XIX-XX centuries at Varna Free University


SCHOLARLY ACTIVITIES: Participated with papers at following international conferences to the universities in: Moscow, St. Petersburg (Russia); Pultusk, Warsaw, Torun (Poland); Guadalajara, Mexico City (Mexico); Bielefeld, Halle, Kassel (Germany); Graz, Klagenfurt (Austria); Amsterdam, Dewenter, Utrecht (The Netherlands); Edinburgh, London and Liverpool (UK); Pamplona, Salamanca (Spain); Quito (Ecuador); Haifa (Israel); Bergen, Hamar (Norway); Thessaloniki (Greece); Tirana (Albania); Zagreb, Dubrovnik (Croatia); Belgrade (Serbia); Bratislava,Vilnius; Venice, Naples, Padova (Italy); Budva (Montenegro); Copenhagen (Danemark); Helsinki (Finland); Paris (UNESCO, UNEP), Tunis. * European Studies Workshop at European Parliament and NATO Headquarters, Brussells, January 2001 (together with RWTH-Aachen). * Workshops co-ordinator to ISSEI (International Society for the Study of European Ideas). * Memeber of the Network of South-East European academic institutions with European Studies. (ZEI - University of Bonn).

Graduates and PhD

Other Activities

FELLOWSHIPS: "New Nationalisms Through New Borders in Europe" at Institut fuer Geschichte, Karl-Franzens Universität, Graz (1993-1994), [ÖAD - Austrian Government Grant]; "Social and Economic History Teaching Methods" at the Department of Social and Economic History, Edinburgh University, Scotland (1998) [IMG-1027-BG, TEMPUS/PHARE]; "Spanish Traces in the Italian Protestantism" at Istituto Italiano per gli Studi Storici "Benedetto Croce", Naples (1998-1999) [Italian Foreign Ministry Grant]; CNR-NATO Grant (Italian National Council for Research) at University of Sassari (Sardinia) (2004); "Challenges of the EU Southern External Borders - at the Centre of European Studies, CEU – Budapest (2007-2008) . INTENSIVE COURSES: Assisted Salzburg Seminar # 315 (1994) "American Foreign Policy"; * Graduated at the International Summer School in Political Science (1995) and at the Summer School in International Relations (1996), Mierki, Poland. *Attended an intensive course in European Law at the Nikolai Copernicus University Jean Monnet Centre, (1996) Torun, Poland. * CRC "Course Directors` Workshop", (1999), OSI-Budapest, Hungary and CEU CRC course on Sociology - Warsaw (2000). LECTURING ABROAD: Universities of Aachen, Halle, Jena, Kassel (Germany), Bratislava (Slovakia), Guadalajara and Colima (Mexico), Rome and Firenze (Italy), Zagreb and Dubrovnik (Croatia); Kars, Ankara and Istanbul (Turkey), Cardiff and Edinburgh (UK), Martinique and Guadeloupe (French Antilles), Warsaw (Poland), Olomouc (Czech Republic), Burgos (Spain), Lisbon (Portugal). Member of International Lecturing Team on Inter-American Studies at the University of Graz (Austria) within the CEEPUS network Paper Presentations at International Conferences: Moscow and St.Petersburg (Russia), Pultusk, Olsztyn, Warszawa (Poland), Bergen, Hammar (Norway), Turgu Mures (Romania), Paris – UNESCO, Marseilles (France), Helsinki (Finland), Tallinn (Estonia), Sligo (Ireland), Athens (Greece), Istanbul. Maltepe, Edirne (Turkey), La Valetta (Malta), Szeged, Budapest (Hungary), Belgrade (Serbia), Budva (Montenegro), Dubrovnik (Croatia), Tirana (Albania), Tbilisi (Georgia), Brussels (Belgium), Miami (USA), Vienna (Austria), Quito (Ecuador), Haifa (Israel). RECENT DEVELOPMENTS: supported activities for international research teams in Political Studies, Economics and Economic History; freelance analyst for international information agencies; Executive Secretary for the Federation of Eurofederalists; Coordinator for the workshop "Approaches to European Integration" at Sofia University (early 90s); Director of the Plovdiv Summer Schools: "Decentralisation: Changing Realities and the Challenges of United Europe" under OSI-Budapest auspices (1999-2000). Representation of Bulgarian repressed prosecution hearings and dictum at Vilnius International Tribunal for Assessment of the Crimes of Communism (Lithuanian Sejm - June/September 2000). * Independent evaluator to different projects of the European Commission and coordinating functions to ERASMUS Student Mobility EACEA, Brussels. * Member of Steering Committee for "Consumer Citizenship Network" 2003-2009 (CCN - Erasmus-3 Thematic Network: 109872-CP-1-2003-1-NO-ERASMUS-TN) and PERL 2009-2015 ( – an Erasmus/UNESCO Thematic Network of Excellence; Manager for the Grundtvig Project "Intercultural Learning for Migrants" (03-BGR01-S2G01-00041-1)