About us



The Faculty of Philosophy and History (FPH) organises and conducts the educational process in accredited programmes at the BA, MA and PhD levels in the professional fields of History and Archaeology, Sociology, Anthropology and Cultural Studies, Religion and Philosophy. Currently, we offer training in nine majors – Archaeology, Ethnology, History, Social Anthropology, Sociology, Sociology and Human sciences, Sociology of Law, Economics and Innovation, Theology and Philosophy. Since we have signed the charter for the new Erasmus+ programme, the Faculty will continue to actively participate in the activities under our new bilateral agreements with other European universities which offer opportunities for academic enrichment and innovation.

The Faculty has five research centres – The Institute for Critical Social Studies, which has the status of a joint unit between Plovdiv University and the ‘Critique and Humanism' Foundation; the Research Centre ‘Science, Technology and Innovation'; the University Centre for Christian Art and Culture; the Centre for Anthropological and Ethno-sociological Research; the Centre for Philosophy and Mental Health. The unique combination of disciplines and academic staff in the FPH offers the necessary resources for the development of interdisciplinary scholarly and educational projects and programmes.