Faculty Council


The Faculty Council of the FPH consists of 30 members and includes representatives of the full-time academic staff, as well as students.

Among its functions are:

  • To elect by means of a secret ballot Deputy Deans following the proposal of the Dean of the Faculty;
  • To submit to the Academic Council proposals related to projects for creating, restructuring or closure of departments and units of the Faculty; offer drafts of curriculum plans and qualification characteristics in different degrees and majors;
  • To announce competitions in accordance with article 50;
  • To submit proposals to the General Assembly of the Faculty and/or the management bodies of the University on issues concerning the activity and the status of the Faculty;
  • To review and accept the curricula for majors for which the Faculty is responsible, as well for individual learning plans for students, PhD candidates and specialists;
  • To approve and monitor the workload of members of the academic staff on an annual basis;
  • To make recommendations concerning the publication of scholarly papers, textbooks, monographs and other creative achievements at the University's publishing house, as well as ensure their timely publication;
  • To discuss, recommend and make decisions with regard to activities of the Faculty's units;
  • To make decisions on financial matters concerning the Faculty;
  • To accept and review the annual report for teaching, scholarly and artistic activities in the Faculty;