SUMMER SEMINAR 2019: Sustainability and Culture: shaping the future global landscape


 Plovdiv University, Bulgaria

07-10 July 2019

The Sustainability and Culture: shaping the future global landscape seminar is hosted by The Department of Ethnology in the Faculty of Philosophy and History (in cooperation with The Baltic University Program).  The focus of the seminar is on a comparative analysis of the significance of the shift from the development paradigm to the sustainability discourse. Special emphasis will be placed on analyzing the relationship between social value theory (i.e. especially the role of culture and cultural values in sustainable social-economic planning) and economic value theory (i.e. the established or former paradigm which placed an emphasis economic development – especially in terms of GDP). However, a secondary concern of the seminar will be analyzing the impact that the sustainability discourse has on The Philosophy of Science and The Philosophy of The Social Sciences (e.g. sustainability and the foundational conceptualizations of complementarity plus the role that conceptualizations of complementarity play in the principles of The Philosophy of Science its implications for the social sciences, and for Holistic well-being).   The structure of the seminar is similar that of a conference: a keynote speaker (guest specialists) will provide the initial presentation (for the initial session) for each day of the seminar.


All papers will be published as conference proceedings however selected papers will be published as an edited book.


PhD candidates will receive a certificate of attendance (for PhD researchers who are from universities that grant credit based on the ability to verify attendance and participation in such seminars).


An evaluation of the learning experience will be available for those who would like to receive course credit for participation in the seminar.


Summer 2019 (July 7-10)

Plovdiv University, Bulgaria

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